Xanadu designs and builds full-stack quantum computers based on silicon photonic chips. Read on to learn more about our approach, and how to access our hardware with Strawberry Fields.

Integrated quantum nanophotonics


Learn more about Xanadu’s quantum nanophotonic approach to quantum computing, including an overview of quantum photonic hardware, the advantages of quantum photonics over alternate approaches to quantum computing, and details of our existing X8 chip architecture.

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Accessing our hardware


Xanadu’s photonic hardware is available today over the cloud; use Strawberry Fields to build, execute, and manage quantum programs that run directly on our photonic chips.

To request hardware access, send an email through to sf@xanadu.ai. If you already have an access token, read on for more details on accessing our hardware via Strawberry Fields.

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Exploring our hardware

Learn how to program Xanadu’s quantum photonic hardware in Strawberry Fields with the following tutorials.