Quantum Photonics

Our aim is to bring together a community focused on quantum photonics and quantum computation, and provide a leading resource hub for quantum computing education and research.

Research focused

Xanadu is not just a software company; we also undertake high-impact research and build quantum hardware. Our software gets used internally across the company—check out some of the papers released using our open-source software tools.


Code documentation is important; it encourages everyone to dive straight in and begin tinkering with the code. We have the highest standard for documentation—our aim is to make everything accessible, from code to theory.

Open source

The physics community is embracing open-source software, bringing transparency and reproducibility to physics research. All of our software is open-source, and we are excited to be along for the ride.

Community driven

When we release software, we have the community in mind. Development takes place publicly on GitHub, and members of our team are available to chat on our Xanadu Slack and Xanadu forum.